(the War on Poverty)

Social welfare came as part of an official 'War on Poverty,' where the government tried to ease people's hardships through a series of institutions and programs. It was a poor substitute for making real changes to inequality, to class structure and racism, but it at least maintained the idea that we are all entitled to assistance and obligated to help one another...

(Individualism & the Wars on 'Others')

Today, the War on Poverty has been transformed into other wars: the War on Crime, the War on Drugs, the War on Immigrants and the War on Terrorism, all of which are made to appear "just," but ultimately are wars on poor people and people of color. These new wars are paid for with the same money from yesterday's War on Poverty, but they confront the dangers of inequality with systems of control, and target our daily struggles for justice with criminalization, militarization & prisons.