...have changed dramatically in the U.S. Most of the jobs that communities have grown up with (or have at least gotten used to) have been replaced by machine, have been cut, or relocated to other parts of the world, where corporations get to pay lower wages & don't have to provide benefits or insurance; where they can pollute the water, the air, the land and local communities without being held responsible for their damages. Since they take their money out of local communities when they leave, they force small, local owned businesses, family businesses and 'mom & pop' stores to close down along the way.


If not left totally unemployed, some of the only jobs left are cleaning up the messes that corporations have made, burying the toxic waste they've produced, transporting the goods they've brought here but produced somewhere else, or policing and locking up the same people that government and big business have left behind. Trying to start up local tourism or sending your children off to the military is another option people are faced with, but mostly, today's growing poverty is dealt with by sending half the poor off to prison, while hiring the other half to arrest them or contain them in prisons and jails.