Talking Heads

Ellen Reddy_
Advocate for families and children, member of Citizens for Quality Education and the Mississippi Prevention of Schoolhouse to Jailhouse Coalition.

Leroy Johnson_ Community organizer, local historian and education advocate in Mississippi, director of Southern Echo.

Robert Clark_ Public Defender for Holmes County’s youth court.

Sheriff Willie March_ Sheriff of Holmes County, Mississippi, head of Holmes-Humphrey County/Regional Prison.

Jeff Jones_ Headmaster of Central Holmes Christian Academy, kindergarten through high school.

Representative James Evans_ Mississippi state representative, District 70, Democrat.

Helen Johnson_ Holmes County school board member, community organizer with Citizens for Quality Education.

Greg Griffin_
Activist, organizer and education advocate, poet and artist, member of Citizens for Quality Education.

Larry Wallace_ Warden, “Mississippi Youth Corrections Center”, Oakley Campus

Anonymous, Woman_ Former employee of Oakley Training School, resigned in protest of conditions. Spoke on condition of anonymity.

Unnamed young people and their parents whose lives have been impacted by the Mississippi Training Schools_