ASHLEY HUNT - Project Director and Producer

In addition to producing The Corrections Documentary Project, Hunt works as a visual artist, teacher and writer, primarily engaging social movements, modes of learning and public understandings of political life. Among his interests are structures and systems that allow people to accumulate power and those which keep others from getting power, while learning from the ways people come to know of themselves and how they respond to such structures. Rather than seeing art and activism as two exclusive spheres of practice, he approaches them as intertwined, drawing upon the ideas of organizing, theories of culture and ways people occupy the world — the theorizing and practices of each informing the other.

This has included investigations into the prison, the demise of welfare state institutions, war and disaster capitalism, documentary practices, movement disciplines and political activism. Much of this work is organized under the umbrella of The Corrections Documentary Project, which centers around the contemporary growth of prisons and their foundational role in today’s economic restructuring and the politics of race.

Hunt works in collaboration with dance artist, Taisha Paggett, and with artsits, Andrea Geyer, Sharon Hayes, Katya Sander and David Thorne, whose collaborative work, "9 Scripts from a Nation at War" exhibited at Documenta 12. His work has been also screened and exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, the Contemporary Museum in Baltimore, the Martin Luther King Jr. Center in Atlanta, Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin, as well as numerous grassroots and community based venues throughout the U.S. His writings have been published in Rethinking Marxism (‘06), the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest (‘07 & ‘05), Sandbox Magazine (‘02) and at (‘03–‘06). He is currently a fellow at the Vera List Center for Art and Politics.

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